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Calls to Action

Policy Statements

Science program policy statements issued by Autism Speaks will be featured on this page.

Autism Speaks supports proposed FDA ban on aversive shock devices
April 25, 2016

Autism Speaks, ASF urge continued autism screening for toddlers
August 3, 2015

American Psychiatric Association Approves DSM-5 Revisions
December 1, 2012

Policy on Public Access to the Research We Fund
established December 3, 2008; information updated December 2012

Salary Support Policy for Autism Speaks Research Awards
Autism Speaks follows the salary support guidelines set by the National Institutes of Health for independent investigators, trainees and students. The salary cap for funded investigators is currently $185,100. All submitted and continuing budgets will be examined for compliance. May 6, 2011; updated February 2013; updated October 2016

Policy on ORCID Integration
established April 2014, revised February 2017