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                             Autism Speaks Insurance Link

Want to find out if you are entitled to autism benefits under your current health insurance plan?  Visit our web-based interactive tool kit to find answers. Log in here.


Health Insurance Marketplaces and Autism

Autism Speaks has produced resources to help families better understand how the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") impacts their insurance coverage. The resources include fact sheets, basic information about the law and helpful links. Learn more here.


Self-Funded Employer Tool Kit (ERISA) and Federal Employee Health Benefit Plans

Self-funded insurance plans are one of the most widely used forms of insurance coverage offered by employers. Because such plans are covered under federal law, they are exempt from state autism insurance laws. Autism Speaks has created this tool kit to help families find the coverage they need. We found that ABA coverage is available under 2016 FEHB plans in part or all of 27 states. This is an improvement from the 21 states that covered ABA in 2015, but significant gaps in coverage remain. Read more here.



Questions? Call us at 888-288-4762 or en Español 888-772-9050, or email or


Additional Insurance Policy Resources

 Fiscal Impact of Autism Insurance Reform

Autism Speaks analyzed claims data in states that have enacted autism insurance reform laws to determine their actual impact on member premiums. View the data analysis here


FAQs: State Autism Insurance Reform Laws

Over 30 states have required autism insurance coverage by law. Find out what your state requires.


BACB Model Licensure/Regulation Act

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board created this model act for states considering licensure or other form of regulation of individuals certified by the board. 



Cost Studies: State Autism Insurance Reform

Autism Speaks engaged a leading independent actuarial firm, Oliver Wyman Group, to develop a robust cost model and cost estimates for state autism insurance reform bills we endorse.

To get involved in autism insurance reform, be sure to follow @AutismVotes on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to recieve updates on our efforts here.